Monday, July 30, 2007

The Photogenic Pup

Tally doesn't like flash ... she thinks it's lightning.

Her tail was waggin' all weekend!

We took some pictures ...

... and romped everywhere. It was a great weekend ... lots of fun!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekend with Tally

I flew home to spend some quality time with Tally. As soon as she saw me, she went bonkers, as usual. She knew I was there to pick her up for a weekend get-away. I got down to her level so she could jump all over me & kiss me on the lips without getting hurt. Wheatens tend to jump really high & at her age that's not good for her hips. I guess she was happy to see me! After the lovefest, she wouldn't stop barking, so Patty & I took her outside.

After a few minutes she made it clear that she was ready to go. There were 6 cars in the driveway but she knew which one was her ride.

Which way should I go?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

"I'd like to make a reservation for 2 & 1/2 ..."

Chris called this morning to see if the waffle shop was open.

Shelby exhibited good self-control

Shelby couldn't decide if she wanted whipped cream, fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, maple syrup or the works.

I decided I needed to shoot a better waffle photo this week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

After Work on the Back Nine

It was a beautiful afternoon for employee golf.

The perfect excuse to get out & test the Mark III.

The light was nice ...

... really nice!

What a bunch of posers!

JR had no idea his best was yet to come ...

... but he was pretty happy when he hit the flagstick on 17. A birdie was just a short putt away.

We headed back to the clubhouse as the sun set over 17.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WTD Turns One.

I honor of the Duck's one year birthday, Aaron is having a weeklong birthday bash on What the Duck. Congrats Aaron!

Here's the inspiration for the strip ... Aaron really cracks me up!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I made Belgian waffles with whipped cream & fresh raspberries.

Chris, Beth & Shelby came over for breakfast.

Shelby LOVES waffles with whipped cream!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cracked Windshield

I somehow got a crack in my windshield last week. I called my insurance company & they took care of everything. I was dreading having to replace all of my window decals since it's hard to get them on straight. I asked Dave if I could put them on before he installed the windshield. He said, "Sure!" That made my day. They're perfectly straight.

Out with the old.

Dave had one of the coolest tools I've ever seen ... a power caulking gun. I was really digging it! It was amazing.

In with the new.

My mom gives Dave some pointers on how to properly install a windshield (sorry Mom ... I couldn't resist).

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Championships

Since I've been trying to organize 4 terabytes of external hard drives, I dug up some old pictures to illustrate this post.

I'm sure everyone thinks I scheduled my surgery so I could watch Wimbledon while recovering. I actually haven't watched too much tennis, but there has been some interesting stuff going on across the pond. Rain, as usual, has backed up play & they are 178 matches behind. They had the option of scheduling play on Sunday, but they didn't. With the forecast ahead, they now see that was a huge mistake. In my 15 years covering Wimbledon, one Gentlemen's Final was played on Monday (it's only happened twice in the open era). I experienced play on the middle Sunday twice. Anyway, it's really nice to be watching my two favorite commentators, John McEnroe & Mary Carillo, instead of battling the elements.

Rafael Nadal's third round match against Robin Soderling started on Saturday & finally finished today, 5 days later, after 8 rain delays. CRAZY! At one point in the final set Soderling mimicked Nadal's favorite pasttime by picking his underwear out of his butt (as seen below). The crowd erupted in laughter. My friend Fred got a great detail shot of Nadal from platform B during the finals. Thanks Fred & Susan for letting me use it on my blog. Meanwhile, Roger Federer has had 5 days off since Tommy Haas (his 3rd round opponent) had to withdraw due to an abdominal muscle tear.

Yesterday, the club decided to move Venus Williams vs Maria Sharapova to court 3 to try to get it in before the rain. This was absurd for two reasons. First, between them, they have four Wimbledon singles titles, but more importantly, court 3 is REALLY, REALLY small. The capacity is 800 spectators & about ten photographers. They played three points before the rain forced them off the court. The rules state that once a match starts on a court, it must finish on that court. Thankfully, the Wimbledon officials decided it was time to break that rule and their 100+ year tradition. The match was moved to Centre Court & Venus completely dominated the first set 6-1. Maria had four double-faults in one game. Then the rain came & after a two hour delay, they were back on court. There were some crazy games with unbelievable rallies. One game lasted 32 points. At one point Sharapova's dad & coach moved out of the player's box to some seats diagonally opposite across the court. Apparently, they couldn't stand to be too close to the Williams family. Venus won 6-1, 6-3.

Now Serena is playing Justine Henin. This match-up always brings up bad memories (for both Serena & me). At the 2003 French Open, Serena rightly accused Henin of "cheating, lying and fabricating." Their semifinal clash was overshadowed by claims of gamesmanship on Henin's part, when at 4-2 in the final set, the Henin held up her hand on a Serena first serve and then Serena served it into the net. Serena thought she would get a first serve again, but the umpire didn't see Henin raise her hand and Justine didn't admit what she did. Serena won the point but it affected her concentration. I saw it in person & it's been replayed over & over again on TV.

Serena won the 2nd set after a Hawk-Eye challenge on set point. NBC ended the coverage when they split sets to go to Days of Our Lives. They can't be serious! At least the match was continued on ESPN2, but there's no Mac & Carillo, so it's just not the same. Serena ended up losing 4-6, 6-3, 3-6.

These matches are really cutting into my recovery plans for today. There's a special Monk marathon on USA Network that runs from 6am on July 4th until 4am on July 5th. I never get to see the show & I love it, so I figured that would keep me from exerting myself today.

To spice up this post, here's a sequence of a Wimbledon streaker I shot in 2002. Click on the sequence to make it bigger (no pun intended)! ;o)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Shame on NBC

This is a sad day for both the tennis world & my good friend/colleague. NBC fired 78-year-old tennis icon Bud Collins via voicemail after 35 years of employment. Tennis will never be the same! Bud is truly one of a kind!

Since the announcement, a photo of Bud & me "stolen" from my blog of has been popping up all over the internet.

Frank Deford wrote a good article for SI about the network's error.

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Charles Elmore writes, "What NBC would prefer to describe as a tribute-filled TV "retirement" for Bud Collins on the air Sunday sounds a little different coming from Collins."

Other good articles about Bud's contribution to the sport of tennis.
USA Today article
Sun-Sentinel article
On the Baseline article

Click on the link if you'd like to express your dismay to NBC.