Monday, October 30, 2006


During his press conference prior to his Hall of Fame Induction, Larry Nelson made a poignant assessment of the game of golf. "... every day when I go out on the first tee until I finish the 18th hole, it's a life. It's a total life between those ... from the first hole to the 18th hole because you are going to have good shots, you're going to have bad shots, you're going to be happy, you're going to be sad, you're going to want to just play forever and you want to quit on the next hole. I mean it's just a little mini-life every round of golf you play, and if you can't wake up the next morning and have a new life, this game will kill you."

I haven't hit a ball since I lost the "pink" ball on the final hole & disqualified my team during employee golf on July 19th (see blog post).
I suppose it's time to wake up & start a new life. Thanks Larry!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Night of Legends

Tonight I went to photograph an intimate dinner for 400. It was the Night of Legends Tribute Dinner at the World Golf Hall of Fame. I was pretty jazzed when I saw the sunset projected backdrop on the stage.

Dinner was fab. Here's the menu ... The Starter: Elegantly seared Sesame Tuna, Lo-Mein Salad with a Honey Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette & drizzled with Cucumber Wasabi Cream. The Greens: Romaine with Italian Cheeses, Croutons, Pears & Apples topped with Parmesan Cheese Crisp. The Ultimate Pairing: Sea-Salt & Herb Rubbed Tenderloin Medallion and Horseradish Sea Bass with Chorizo Mashed Potatoes & Grilled Vegetables. The Finish: Key Lime Mousse with Coffee Service.

I did get to hear some really funny things when the servers were being coached before the dinner. "When the salad is put down on the tables, the croutons MUST be at 7 o'clock" and "Don't carry the plates stacked up your arm like you work at the Waffle House." I was cracking up! Here's a photo of my croutons at 7:00.

Friday, October 27, 2006

TOUR Academy ... the final chapter (for this week)

While we were waiting for a group to play thru, our reflector blew into a steep bunker. Stan was jazzed he was able to snap a photo of me fishing the Sunbounce out of the bunker.

Travis & Todd practice their synchronized bunker raking routine.

That black blob on the left is Stan.

Travis decides to check on Stan after he failed to come out for air.

Self-conscious of his curved left thumb Todd thought it might be better to simulate an amputee.

After lunch we went to the Hall of Fame to shoot the exhibits of the new inductees. If his photography career doesn't pan out, Stan shows he has a future as a carpet layer at the WGHOF.

Henry Picard's golf clubs at the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

TOUR Academy ... take 2

To keep his balance, Stan utilized the same technique that a Flying Wallenda used when he took a meter reading for me while on a tightrope.

Stan is happy that Travis is gonna be the subject of a funny blog photo.

Travis secretly hopes that I'll use Lorin's funny photo instead of his.

Todd thinks I'm funny.

So does Stan ... but I'm not the one stalking a golf ball.

Todd's Ping clubs & Travis' shoe.

I wonder who made those nice cards?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TOUR Academy instruction shoot

Today was the first of 3 shoot days at the PGA TOUR Academy. The weather was beautiful but freezing! We had a great day.

Lorin holds the reflector while I grab a production shot of Travis watching Stan shoot Todd's grip.

I enjoyed blinding Stan with our new California Sunbounce.

Stan amused himself by placing a tiny little golfer on my head!

Stan & Travis huddle under the tarp to view some images while Lorin decides it may not be worth joining them, if he's gonna be featured in a funny picture on my blog.

After the shoot I stopped by the TOUR Stop & picked up another pair of golf shoes. Now I have to start playing again.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All day meeting

Today I was in a series of meetings that lasted from 10am until 5pm. At 4:09 I sprung from my chair to capture the light on a plant near the conference room window.

Bird Rescue!

This morning when we all got to work, there was a little bird that appeared to be injured sitting on the ground outside our front door. We brought it inside & put it in a box with some towels to warm up (it was in the 40's outside ... brrrrr!). It flew out of the box & landed on one of our office plants. That's when we determined it was probably frozen instead of injured.

It escaped again & decided to take a nap on one of the office chairs.

After warming up, we released it outside. I think it knew we were just trying to help.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday with Tally

I'm in Weston for the weekend again. This morning Tally decided to stand on me (in bed) until I agreed to take her out for a long walk. She used to sleep late, but now she's an early riser. Mary was up & outside on the patio, so I'm not sure why Tally wanted me to take her. Mary always used to take her for her morning walk. Today it was a long one. First she took me to the park on Palm Island, then on her way home, she decided she also wanted to go to Arvida Parkway. We usually do Palm Island in the morning & Arvida Parkway at night (her choice). When we got out to Arvida there were a lot of runners training for a marathon. I thought there was a race since there were water coolers chained to the lightposts. Mary said they've been doing it every weekend.

Since she got up so early, Tally decided to take a nap on the couch & use my Powerbook as a pillow. She usually uses a real pillow.

Later on we hung out in the backyard & enjoyed a beautiful breeze.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


This was the view out my bedroom window when I got up this morning. I was too lazy to go outside & find a palm tree. Maybe I'll scout one out for the next time there's a beautiful sunrise. I don't think I'll be seeing any sunrises once the time changes.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a day in Atlanta

Today I went to shoot Davis Love III and Denny Hamlin at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was the unveiling of the new FedExCup Racing/PGA TOUR Nascar car.

There was a cool iPod vending machine in the Atlanta airport. It had all types of iPods, headphones, speakers, cases & any accessory you might need.

The flight home was empty so I moved to a window seat.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Duck deals with sensor dust!

Notice the two dust spots in the same place on each panel of today's comic ... brilliant!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend in Weston

A backyard buddy hangs out on our patio screen.

Tally took me for an early morning walk. The grass cast long shadows on the sidewalk.

Me & Tally

Hey let me in ... I wanna go for a ride! I wanna go for a ride!!!