Saturday, March 31, 2007

The color purple

The weather was beautiful and so was the new purple tennis court.

Nice purple hats were given out at the gate.

Serena flies

Even though Henin dominated the match & had two match points, Serena hung in there to win.

For the first time in 23 years & four tournament name changes, there was a different trophy. Boy am I glad I'm not down there in the pack of photographers! I decided to shoot the whole match from upstairs. It was really nice & relaxing.

Double trouble

The Bryan brothers win in 3.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A day of beauty...

The shaggy pup goes for a ride. She thinks she's going home, but she's really going to the groomer.

Notice her tail is tucked & she's putting the brakes on as she's led into the back.

Tally was still hooked up when I got there to pick her up. She was half of the size she was when I dropped her off ... and practically naked!

A big smile. She's happy to be going home.

Tally shows off her pretty bow.

Back to business as usual ... nap time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Relics from my attic

I cleaned out my attic & found some hidden treasures that went straight into the garbage. The Apple IIC was Apple's computer before the mac. I got everything out there as the garbage truck was heading down the street.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tennis & Dinner

Federer fan

Check out Serena's earring

Sony Pavillion at "Mary Time" (Mary's favorite time to take pictures).


Mary looks pretty happy about the food in her future.

These were the most delicious asparagus I've had in my whole life. The sign said they were Grilled Asparagus with Lemon & Pistachio. They were very smokey.

Hospitality Village

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sony Ericsson Open

The weather was beautiful so I figured I'd head down to Key Biscayne to shoot the Sony Ericsson Open (formerly the Nasdaq-100 Open, The Ericsson Open & The Lipton). I am one of three photographers that have shot all 23 years, so I thought I'd keep my streak alive.

I walked from the Media parking lot so I could shoot some pix of the new entrance.

I shot some Sharapova & Venus then the sky turned black & it poured. It rained for a long time so I didn't stick around to shoot Serena.

While I was chatting with Anita (Bud Collins' wife), Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario asked me if she could interview me for Spanish television. I agreed after a little coaxing. I can't believe I didn't ask Anita to take a blog photo for me. I asked how Bud was & she said he was laying on the couch in the back of the media center. I've seen those pants before, but never those socks.

The tennis spectators wear some interesting clothes. I call this outfit, "Pippi Longstocking & the Cat in the Hat meet a Polar Bear." Keep in mind it was in the 80's today. I don't "get" the furry jacket.

Well look who's coming ... it's Art & Mr Pierce (Mary's father, who used to be banned from tournaments & his new wife). I can almost smell a photo op. First they stealthfully scout a location. Then they find a picture perfect spot ... the busy valet lane.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Good Times, Bad Times, you know I had my share ...

First the good ...
I had some fun at the parking garage & ticket counter at the airport tonight. At the garage, I got out of my car & flung a large Nike duffle bag at the shuttle driver. She looked really concerned then started cracking up. The bag had nothing in it other than bubble wrap, so it was as light as a feather. Since I got such a good response, I decided to try the same at the ticket counter. I threw it right at the woman at the counter & the startled look turned into the biggest smile I've ever seen. I have never heard such laughter. The two agents were throwing it back & forth pretending it was really heavy & they were really strong. Then she decided to put a "LIGHT" tag on it so the baggage handler wouldn't get hurt thinking it was heavy. I told her in all my years of travelling, I've NEVER had a "LIGHT" tag ... plenty of "HEAVYs" but NEVER a "LIGHT"! When it was time for me to go to the gate, they thanked me for making their night.

Now the bad ...
I went thru x-ray & TSA decided they wanted to swab my Think Tank Airport Security bag. I said no problem (because it usually isn't). Well this TSA agent had his own interpretation of what constituted a swab. I've been swabbed plenty of times before, but never like this. First I had to wait 20 minutes since they were short staffed. Then the TSA guy removed EVERYTHING from the case. The first lens he took out was a 70-200 & he layed it on it's side instead of standing it on end. As I saw it rolling to the edge of the table I gasped to get his attention & asked him to stand it up. Whew, disaster overted. Then he took every lens cap & rear cap off and took everything out of it's individual case (like extenders, hard drives, etc). I was getting a little ticked off but didn't show it except that I looked at my watch a bunch. He did about 15 individual swabs. It was a little absurd ... overkill, since I have press credentials & hardly fit the terrorist profile. Then he tried, unsuccessfully, to put the stuff back in the case. I told him that I wanted to do it. He said I had to step away from the table until he moved it to a table where I could touch it. Needless to say I wasn't happy since besides being an @$$, this guy was a klutz. What a jerk! I almost missed my flight.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Roundshot ... Take 2

Who needs a remote when you've got the Clapper!

Chris & Peter practice their synchronized swimming routine.

Peter & his Roundshot.

The Roundshot 90 5-inch is the ultimate large format 360° panorama camera. It comes with 5-inch film spools and contains a 90mm Rodenstock Grandagon f/6.8 lens. The 360° panoramas produced by this camera are 4.33" high and 22.32" long ... amazing!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Roundshot ... Take 1

Today I had lunch with John, Chris, Stan & Peter Lorber in the temporary "Clubhouse" aka double-wide trailer. After lunch we scouted locations. Peter specializes in panoramas & uses a Roundshot 90 5-inch camera. He has one of five in the world. It's pretty crazy. If he shoots a 360° image, the negative is 5 inches by 23 inches!

Not to be outdone, Chris takes some blog pix.

Not wanting to be left out of the blog, Stan comes after me with a branch.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

mmm ... jelly!

I went to the beach after work. There were a ton of huge jellyfish washed up on the shore. They were pretty big ... about the size of a volleyball. GROSS!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

a tucked tail :o(

Tally was not happy I was packing. This weekend I worked mostly on my photo archives. The file drawers alone filled 40 boxes. There is still a LOT more film to pack. UGH!

We went out in the backyard for a little fresh air. Tally was so upset that she wouldn't eat at all today. She turned down filet mignon & chicken! I can't say I've ever seen her do that before. I felt so bad for her.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday at work

Today I got some presents from Janet. She is TOO funny ... "Boss Lady Hand Cream ... Soften'em UP ... Rein'em IN!"

Chris & I were working on a headshot nightmare all day. We took a break for a Chinese lunch. Here are our fortunes. Is someone trying to tell us something?!?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In search of the Giant Golf Ball ...

I found a hidden treasure camouflaged amongst the trees.

Stan does his best Indiana Jones impression.

It sure is big ...

... and heavy!

The bird in the middle takes off with a fish while an anhinga squawks from the water & a pelican swoops in for the steal.

They sure are building a nice sandbox!

While we were in search of the rare Giant Golf Ball, a scuba diver was collecting standard sized ones from the water surrounding 17.

This can only mean that one woman hit her ball in the water on 17 compared to hundreds of men.

GROSS! The diver told me they clean up real good.

I call this photo "STEVE."