Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

When we arrived at work there was a crime scene & scary decorations everywhere. We all suspected that Mike, AKA "Dr. Ben Dover, Proctologist," had come in last night to decorate (even though it was his week off).

Rob, AKA "The Joker," made this year's card, starring our creepy office-mates.

Let the fun begin ... these kids seemed to be mesmerized by The Joker.

We sure had some adorable trick-or-treaters! (click to enlarge)

Batman meets The Joker.

At different parties, Anna & Tyler dressed up as Ike & Tina Turner, while Chris was a member of the Blue Man Group.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiki Torch

Tonight I went to a going away party for Joan at Aqua Grill. JR & I were entranced by this tiki torch. I could have shot it all night long.

Ty, Joan, Bob & Stewart.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Shopping Weekend

Friday night I went to Sam's Club to make sure they had the TV I planned to pick up with Rob on Saturday morning. I got there & the model I wanted was gone, but the floor model was available for $700 less than the previous week. There was no box, so it fit in my car. Rob came over to help get it in the house.

Saturday was a big shopping day ... TOUR Stop, Scan Design, Bo Concept, West Elm & Sound Advice. I couldn't believe it but Sound Advice had the exact tv I bought at Sam's for $200 less, plus $500 in free gas. It was a big enough difference that I had to call Rob to the rescue. A 52" tv isn't exactly easy to buy, return & buy again.

Today, Rob was good enough to take me to Sam's Club to return a TV then to Sound Advice to buy another. Before we went, I made waffles, lattes & smoothies. Rob was hoping to find some Bunnies in the Playboy Bus.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I saw some good bumper stickers ...

Why can't Republicans pronounce the word "NUCLEAR"?!?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Presidents Cup Captains' Day

Today is Captains' Day. It's an opportunity for the Captains to do interviews with the media & schmooze the bigwigs.

Greg & Fred pose with the trophy.

Greg posed with Chris too.

After the 1st round of press conferences there was a buffet lunch for the media & a fancy lunch for the dignitaries. Then came the 2nd round of press conferences & photo ops out on the course.

I drove up the coast for a bit. The surf sure was rough.

Funny house.

Nice hippie bus.

On the way back to the hotel, I stopped at Ghirardelli Square. Every time I talked to John, he asked me if I got him any chocolate yet. I figured I better go since he is the birthday boy this week.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

San Francisco

I flew into San Francisco today for Presidents Cup Captains' Day. The only good thing about a 6:40am flight ... the light.

There was a cool shadow of our plane on the water.

I took advantage of my window seat & shot some scenery.

I think these are sod farms. We passed a bunch of them every so often.

First I went to Harding Park to scout locations for tomorrow.

Then I drove around to see what was near the golf course & stopped by the iconic IN-N-OUT. I did witness a kid eat a french fry that his mom dropped on the floor near the cash register (heavily trafficked area). You should have seen the expressions of those who witnessed the incident ... sheer horror! When JR saw this photo, his eyes lit up & he said, "I don’t think I’d ever leave there. I’d have all my shopping in one location."


On the way to my hotel, I shot this picture out my car window for my brother.

After that I checked into the fancy 101-year-old Fairmont ...

... home of the outrageous parking fee. They say it’s $50, but after tax/tip it's $58 (the only good thing about it is that it's free to park a hybrid ... that's awesome). This will go down in history with the world's most expensive cup of coffee … a quad espresso at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale … $30 after tax, tip & room service delivery fee (I think they charged us $6 for each shot).

I passed a disturbing sign on the way into the hotel … yikes!!! I wish I would have asked for a brochure.

Down the hallways of the lobby level, was a tribute to the history of the Fairmont. There were photos of celebrities that had stayed there, including all of the Presidents since 1907. There was also a section that mentioned various things that were filmed at the hotel, including the Towering Inferno (Steve McQueen & Paul Newman), Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) & the TV series Hotel (James Brolin & Connie Sellecca), to name a few.

I spotted a cable car, but no Rice-a-Roni, "the San Francisco Treat." I'm not sure who decided it was safe to hang out of a moving cable car. I don't think this would fly in any other city.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sensor Cleaning

While I was cleaning my camera sensors & shooting the sky to check my progress, four ducks swam thru my backyard. When I pointed my camera at them, one decided to put on a show.