Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Playoff Finale

My picture of the trophy & clubhouse from last year was everywhere. Banners, posters, video boards, Ritz Carlton room keys, as well as the cover of the program & 29 times inside. It was a bit much.

Me & the FedExCup

We brought both trophies over to the NBC booth for a quick segment. Anne cues Johnny & Dan.

The clubhouse was expanded since last year.

The Tiffany engraver has much better penmanship than the Waterford engraver! Funny ... he didn't wear white gloves & he wasn't afraid of making fingerprints everywhere!

Tiffany & Co Master Engraver

Vijay watches to make sure the engraver spells his name right.

Camilo won the tournament, but Vijay won $10 million!

The club always falls off this trophy. I tried to put it in the golfer's hands earlier today to no avail. Camilo watches the Commissioner try to fix it.

Camilo also unsuccessfully tried during the trophy shoot. Needless to say, our trophy pix look silly without the club.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday at East Lake

The FedExCup ... the trophy that comes with a $10 million check.

Chris gets a better angle.

I must be smiling because Chris is lying on the ground.

Tiger won both trophies last year. There'll be two winners this year.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Night Dinner

Streeter suggested a Mexican restaurant, then stood us up. To overcome the grief of being dumped by Streeter, Chris drowned his sorrows with the 32oz "Super Bedwetter"!

Chihuahua?!? Yuk!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

THE TOUR Championship ... Day 1

The Final Playoff.

I spent 5 hours today shooting hospitality with Laura (after shooting 3 hours yesterday with models). I shot around 1500 frames over the course of two days ... that's a lot of hospitality!

They were debuting these new aluminum bottles in Coke's hospitality.

I asked Laura if we were gonna get in trouble. She said, "why?" I said we just drove by a sign that said no golf carts. Oops!

The MetLife hospitality had a Snoopy theme.

Chris & I were on our way back to the hotel when we saw that the streets downtown were closed. I called the Sheraton to ask them how we were supposed to get back & they told me there was a race & it would be at least an hour before we could back to the hotel. UGH! I snapped this sunset out my car window.

Since we couldn't go to the hotel, Chris & I decided to head straight over to Waikikie, for Hawaiian BBQ with Fred, Streeter, JD & Charles. Fred said he expected to see my blog update in the morning. Exhausted, I said, "Fred, I am not your blogging whore!" ... but here it is, so I guess I am.

JD ordered Spam Musubi for his appetizer. Streeter said, "man, that smells like $h!t!" I'm not gonna tell you JD's response.

Nice Hawaiian bathroom signs.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Mess at JFK

I was next in line to go thru xray at about 7:45am, when the entire Jet Blue terminal at JFK was evacuated. So many people were complaining that they were gonna miss their flight. It was kinda funny. Nobody was going anywhere. Scanners spotted what turned out to be paper weights that resembled World War II grenades, in a passenger's luggage. Doh!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mom's 70th Birthday Spa Getaway Weekend

After sitting in traffic for four hours, we finally arrived at The Spa at Norwich Inn.

This was one of our duplexes for the weekend.

Wendy, Bonnie, Sandy, Helaine & Andrea joined my mom & me for a weekend of pampering.

Sandy, Bonnie & Wendy picked out these inspirational shirts in the spa gift shop.

Wendy was reading a nice poem that she, Bonnie & Sandy wrote. Everyone was listening intently, even though it looks like they're just snacking.

Helaine insisted that I finally get in a photo.

The toast.

The chocolate flourless torte was fab & photogenic!

I think it would have made a better photo if they put 70 candles on the cake!

After all of the photo-ops, I finally let my mom blow out the candle.

Bonnie & Wendy both had spa pedicures that included rose petals between their toes. I'm not sure why, but at least it made good blog photos.

Mom & Sandy.

Between treatments, Andrea & Helaine hang out in their robes.

The windows on the main building of the Norwich Inn are surrounded by beautiful ivy.

Since she knows she's gonna be pressured to design a waffle when she visits me in PVB, Mom decided to practice on a crepe.

Friday, September 19, 2008

TV Pilot at Catalina ... Take 2

Even though there was plenty of sun, a bunch of big Arri lights were scattered around the set.

I met Mark Feuerstein, the star of the show. Nice guy.

There were 150 crew members. It was amazing how fast they moved a set from the second level of Oceanview to the parking lot.

This is a show business pup.

These are some tearsheets of shoots at Catalina that are hanging in the office.