Friday, July 24, 2009

Asian Happy Hour

There were plenty of yummy Asian inspired snacks at Anna & Tylers.

The girls got right down to business at the bar ...

... while the boys relaxed on the patio.

I can always keep myself busy with some good condensation.

Anna can't make a saketini without some nice pinky action!

She does a pretty good Hank "locked on the patio" impression.

Win & Christy

Wondering why everyone has a wooden spoon? It's really a microphone.

Hank couldn't stop kissing Rob.

Anna is determined to get the wine Hank spilled on Billy, out of his clothes. Hank should really stop drinking!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Day Trip

Mary came up to PVB so we could take a day trip to Jeckyll Island to visit Lorraine & the kids. I amused myself by photographing my cup of ice.

Frey & Jack get ready to brave the surf.

Peter was a good subject while he was trapped in his high chair. Mary always says my shoot isn't over until I make the subject cry. I guess she's right!

Lorraine gave us a great tour. At least I didn't make her & Mary cry ... but it was close!


The JP Morgan Tennis Court was completed in 1930. Due to safety concerns, the court is no longer available for play, but there are plans to rehabilitate it.

I could have spent the whole day shooting here. I shot this thru a broken window.

We stopped at the GA Pig for some BBQ on the way back to PVB. Yum!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Witnessing History ... Triumph & Disaster

Since Wimbledon is all about tradition, I started a new one today ... Waffle Breakfast After Wimbledon. Next year it may be smarter to have it after the Ladies' Final!

Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick in an amazing, historic, record-setting, epic battle on Centre Court.

Minutes after match point, this GREAT Nike congrats commercial aired starring Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, Serena Williams & John McEnroe.

16-14 in the final set!

New records ...
Roger's 15th Grand Slam title surpassing Pete Sampras' record.
Longest Wimbledon Final 77 games (old record 58 games in 1954).
Longest set in Singles Final 16-14 (old record 13-11 in 1953 & 1958).

Interesting stats ...

It's so nice Pete showed up to see his record broken.

Some old images from my archives ... Roger & Andy

Changing of the Guard ... Wimbledon 2001: Sampras vs Federer
Some stats about this historic match in the Round of 16:

It was the only time they both met and since then, Sampras has retired. Federer holds a 1-0 lifetime head-to-head against him.

Going into the match, Pete had never lost a 5-set match at Wimbledon before he lost to Federer 7-6, 5-7, 6-4, 6-7, 7- 5.

He had a streak of 31 straight wins at W, tying him with Rod Laver.

Pete had won the 7 of the last 8 Wimbledons going into the 2001 W.

Pete was looking for his 100th win at Wimbledon when he met Federer.

It's hard to believe that this is the only time they played each other, it was only the 4th round & Roger prevailed.

Four hours & sixteen minutes later ... it was time to eat!

Anna's waffle was a combo of the Wimbledon logo & the Swiss flag.

Ilona was just happy the match was over! We waited a long time to eat!

And Matt, well we weren't sure WHAT he was making ...

... nor could we tell after he was finished. The only thing I can tell you is that it was made of 2 full-size waffles & 3 mini-waffles. I think Matt needed a sharper knife!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Breakfast at Wimbledon ... 4th of July

There's nothing better than an All-American final on the Fourth of July. Since I stopped covering Wimbledon a few years ago, I thought I'd post some old relevant pictures from my archives.

In 2002, Serena had her first of three wins against Venus in a Wimbledon final.

Coincidentally, the sisters won doubles that year as well.

A London paper ran a picture of Venus & me in 2000.

I had my first exclusive photo shoot with the Williams sisters in 1992 for National Geographic World magazine. They're so cute ... 10 & 11-years-old!

Our Independence Day festivities started at Matt & Ilona's house.

No blog update is complete without Anna sticking something in her mouth! Luckily, it's just Tyler's BBQ nachos.

Ilona had this incredible Falafel tool.

Matt made the falafel from scratch. It was AWESOME!

Luke helped out in the kitchen.

As always, Matt was the grill master & nobody would go home hungry.

The steak came off the grill first.

After gorging ourselves we went across the pond to Tyler & Anna's house. Matt & Tyler relax on the patio.

Yum ... Anna made me a Frappe.

Hank was happy to have company, even if we didn't bring Luke.

Anna & Tyler's lime tree had itty bitty limes, the size of a quarter.

A view of my house across the Lake from Anna & Tyler's.

I opted not to ride my bike to the beach with everyone else. I had a lot of prep work for tomorrow, so I shot the fireworks from my couch. I think I got a pretty good shot!