Monday, July 31, 2017

Last Day at Catalina

It was a great last day at the club. Karen & Paul came to visit. It was great catching up.

Rob's logo on the new Catalina S-well bottle.

This tiki bar by the pool was built for the filming of Gotham at the club last week. I wish I was here for that.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Family Beach Party

It's a beautiful day! Perfect weather for our annual family beach party. Panoramic view from the owner's cabana to Oceanview.

Emily & Jamie swapped babies.

I think Bobby & Howie were confusing Anna.

Josh, Emily, Maya & Bobby

Stephen, Mom, Sandy, Ethel & Larry

Sam & Jamie

Everyone knows I love photographing crying babies.

Lauren, David & their twins Alex & Bella.

Howie, Jamie, Anna, Kyle & Sam.

Bobby, Maya & Josh

Rachel & Emily

 Helaine taught Anna how to drive.

Before dinner was the perfect time for a family photo.

Larry & Mike

Me, Mom & Hank 

Norm, Larry, Mike & Howie


Mom & Hank

Larry, Mike & Sandy

Ethel & Lisa

Helaine & Norm

Jimmy & Tommy made a great dinner ... steak, lamb chops, shrimp & chicken kabobs.

Every summer we have a cake to celebrate everyone's birthday.

Awesome donuts!

Josh, Emily & Maya

Bobby & Patty have fun with Maya.

Sandra & Molly asked me to take their pic with my iPhone. I told them it was too dark & wouldn't look good. Molly told me to turn on my flash. Doh! LOL! It actually came out much better than I expected.

After sunset, everyone headed home. Mom, Hank, Helaine, Norm, Andrea & I went to the bungalow in the parking lot. I could get used to staying here.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pup Shopping Spree

I can't believe the first time I went to see Teddy, JoJo & Tater I didn't bring any gifts. Of course I had to fix that for my next visit. A quick trip to Home Goods & Trader Joe's was all I needed. Everybody loved the squeaky toys, treats & poop bags!

North Fork

Steph introduces one week old Pauline to Andrea, Helaine & my mom.

Baby Pauline is named after Aunt Pauline ... better known as "The General."

One big happy family ... Steph, Ikey, Pauline & Adam.

It seems like I haven't seen Adam since he was a puppy!

He sure does a good job babysitting!

Andrea was so happy to meet her new cousin.

We stopped by an East End farm on our way to the Lobsterfest.

There was a big crowd at the annual Lobsterfest in Southold. We got to hang out with lots of family ... Richie, Lisa, Marcy, Amy, Marissa, Hailey, Herbert, Georgina, Mom, Hank, Andrea, Helaine & Norm.

LOVE Georgie's jacket!

There was plenty of steak for those who don't like lobster.

Hailey, Amy & Allison