Monday, August 31, 2009

Day (& Night) One at The US Open

This is my 25th year shooting the US Open, but it's the Duck's first.

Roger had an easy first round match.

Anna & Tyler got to see some great matches. After lunch I gave them a mini-tour of some good vantage points at Armstrong & the Grandstand.

Serena won in straight sets.

The photogs are having a great time on the blue carpet right before the opening ceremonies begin ...

... until someone told them they had to kneel! They don't look happy anymore! Who could blame them? I wouldn't have been able to see over the net!

Doug Flutie, David Robinson & Mia Hamm join Andre Agassi in being honored for the work they do to raise money for their respective foundations. It was great to see Andre back in NY.

The O'Jays entertained the crowd then Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas performed "America the Beautiful."

Fireworks (aka the usual "giant sparklers"). It's time for a new, more exciting fireworks show.

Andre eloquently spoke about how he's grown ... his journey from a rebel kid to the incredible man he's become, how the Agassi Academy is impacting his life & those of the students attending ... while Serena talks about the Serena Williams Signature Statement line of jewelery available on the Home Shopping Network. In all fairness, Serena was asked about her jewelry collection.

Venus got injured in the first set, but managed to pull it out in three.

I can't believe Miss Universe had to wear her sash out in public ... how embarrassing! Here she is posing with Doug Flutie.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful NY Beach Day

It was a gorgeous day at Catalina ... supposedly the best beach day of the year.

Mostly everybody knows I love to shoot rust, peeling paint & old decrepit stuff. There are very few of the original concrete lattice walls remaining in Ocean View. Most have been replaced with wood replicas. I explained the importance of documenting this part of history to my protégé, the Duck.

I've never seen the pool so crowded.

I broke out my Lensbaby to shoot the flags today.

I taught mom & Hank how to "Bump" ... her iPhone with his iPod Touch. I think they liked it, they both had big smiles!

Entrance to the Ocean View section of Catalina.

Andrea posed with her new friend.

We had a fabulous surf & turf BBQ at Stephen's beach house ... halibut, skirt steak, salad, corn-on-the-cob, etc. Mom, Hank, Andrea, Helaine, Norm, Sandy, Larry, Stephen, the Duck & me ... quite the hungry crowd.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Duck in the Media Center

Since I forgot to take a photo of the Duck when I shot mini Ian Poulter's headshot, I posed them together virtually, at my desk in the media center.

The Duck addressed the media about his injured foot.

There's rest & rehab in his future.

He's definitely gonna need stitches!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let the Playoffs Begin

The Barclays starts today. It's the first of four Playoffs for the FedExCup.

While the Playoffs logo probably looks great on TV as the golfers walk up the 18th fairway, it would be a lot better for stills if the direction was flipped. The views of Liberty National's clubhouse with the New York City skyline ...

... and Statue of Liberty are spectacular.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pro-Am Day at The Barclays

Tiger is flanked by security while signing autographs on the way to the clubhouse.

Chris is shooting ...

... The Barclays flags with Walter clouds.

Fans look out over the range & practice green.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Duck Does Headshots

The clubhouse at Liberty National Golf Club is a contemporary architectural masterpiece.

The Duck sat for his first official headshot ... just like the golfers. After a couple of frames, he got a little silly.

Our headshot studio next to the locker room at Liberty National.

I wish I would have thought to take a photo of the Duck with his new pal mini Ian Poulter!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annual Family Beach Party

Molly was awesome on the diving board at Catalina.

Cal has incredible eyes!

Ashley, Valerie & Molly ... where's Sandra?


Gabby & Bonnie

Cal was very interested in grandpa Larry's ear.

This year was the 2nd Annual Apache Relay. One of the events was a 3-legged race to the ocean, get wet & do the "chicken cutlet." I asked what that was ... it's a roll in the sand when you're wet. Ashley did the hula hoop while Molly had to run blindfolded.

For the final event, Molly & Eliza get covered in toilet paper.

Jamie, Lindsay & Dani

Hank & Mom


Miranda enjoys her chipwich.

The annual family photo.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Live & Alone Tour

Tonight I went to see Melissa Etheridge with Amy at Westbury Music Fair. When we got there, we found out our seats were front row center. She ended her show with some classic Janis Joplin ... Piece of My Heart. It was AWESOME!

She sounded great, even though she was performing without her band.

Amy posted this picture to Facebook & everybody thought she was Photoshopped in. It's real ... I shot this from our seats.