Tuesday, February 14, 2006

scouting & camera testing

Today Stan, Chris, & I had to scout locations for a project at the TPC at Sawgrass. We also tested some problem cameras & lenses.
I got to demonstrate what it would look like if Jimmy Connors won a golf tournament.

Stan finds his hand particularly photogenic!

Chris displays the form he'd like to see when a player wins a PGA TOUR event. Isn't that how it always is???

You'd never know from this photo that I don't start my golf lessons until February 25th! Look at that championship form! You should have seen Stan flinch when my ball whizzed by his head!


Mary said...

Isn't that a baseball bat grip?

kirsten said...

Do you know how much snow there is up here? How dare you send pictures of green grass and sunshine! We'll be lucky to see grass by May. As revenge I hope you get biten by the golf bug and it becomes a consuming passion.

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