Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moving by the numbers

My move spanned three days over the course of a week, though I've been preparing for months. It was an exhausting nightmare!
Here are some interesting statistics:

Number of ...
Packing men: 2 (March 29, 2007)
Hours worked by packers: 17 (8.5 x 2 men)
Boxes packed by packers: 67
Boxes packed by me: 204 (over the course of a few months)
Hours slept night before truck arrives: 2.5
Moving men for loading: 5 (March 30, 2007)
Hours worked by movers loading in Weston: 48.75 (9.75 x 5 men)
Movers that limped: 2
Weight of the marble table that was dropped on Jimmy the mover's foot on another job the day before (hence the limp): 450 (pounds)
Items inventoried in the moving truck: 407
Evenly spaced cuts in one fingertip after tape gun mishap: 6 (3 really deep)
Times I lost both tape guns on truck loading day: 7
Significant bruises: 4
Average showers per day since packing began: 3
Moving men for delivery: 3 (April 3, 2007)
Hours worked by movers unloading in Ponte Vedra Beach: 22.5 (7.5 x 3 men)
Length of truck: 54 (feet)
Estimated weight of truck: 26,000 (pounds)
Actual weight of truck: 51,000 (pounds)
Trips up the stairs to my home office by the movers & me: a gazillion
Heavy boxes that were supposed to go upstairs that the movers "accidentally" (translation: purposely) stacked downstairs, that I found before they left: 12
Heavy boxes that were supposed to go upstairs that the movers "accidentally" (translation: purposely) stacked downstairs, that I didn't find until after they left: 8
Four letter words uttered by me: way too many to count

March 30, 2007
UGH! The truck arrives.

The movers wrap some furniture out on the patio.

The "master packer." This guy sure knows how to load a truck!

Buzz Lightyear is perched on one of the moving men's bumper.

Four of the moving guys pose for a picture after everything is loaded.

The sun is setting as the truck leaves Weston.

April 3, 2007
The truck arrives in Ponte Vedra Beach & the unloading begins. I'm surprised there are only 3 guys to unload since their were 5 guys to load.

I was responsible for logging everything in as it came off the truck.

There was an inventory checklist for each of three colors of tags.

Making progress. The truck is a little more than half empty.

They struggled to get these huge file cabinets upstairs. I have two offices upstairs. I'll call them "left" & "right." These cabinets are in "right" which is larger than "left." There are also custom cabinets in "left." For some reason I labeled twice as many boxes to go in "left" even though it's the smaller room. There are boxes stacked to the ceiling & they fill the bathroom & bathtub.

Derrick is happy it's over!

So is everyone else, but they sure don't look happy!

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