Saturday, August 18, 2007

NY again

I flew to NY at 6am today. It's playoff time so I came up to shoot player headshots at The Barclays.

I had planned to take it easy today & hopefully go to Catalina. After I arrived at my mom's house, the chaos began. On Thursday, Stan FedExed the lights from a tournament in Oregon to arrive on Friday. When I tracked the shipment, the airbills weren't found in the system, so I had to provide a pickup confirmation number. They told me they were delivered to the Westchester Country Club. Something didn't seem right, so I asked if they could tell me the weights of the packages. They said one was 2 lbs & the other was 20 lbs. At that point I knew we had a problem. Mine weighed 57 lbs & 35 lbs.

I called Stan in a panic & asked him to search the club to see if the lights were still there. He found them. Apparently FedEx picked up 2 smaller packages going to the same desitnation & didn't bother to check the weights & dimensions noted in the pickup confirmation. I spent the next 3 hours on the phone with FedEx trying to figure out how I could get the equipment delivered by tomorrow. I explained to the FedEx representative how important it was to get this shipment to the largest sporting event FedEx has ever sponsored ... the FedExCup.

Well FedEx has a service called "Sameday" (It isn't really same day since we were shipping from west to east, but at least they deliver on Sunday). For a mere $779, it was the only option to get the lights in time for my shoot. I'm sure we won't have to pay that after I dispute the charges with proof that it was FedEx's fault the package didn't arrive on Friday as planned.

My fortune cookie was right on the money. I can't remember ever getting a "bad" fortune ... they're usually good.

I finally made it to Catalina at about 6pm. Norm, Helaine, Bobby, David, Emily & I walked to the jetty from Catalina.

We passed some signs along the way.

We headed back to the cabana to join Sandy, Larry, Stephen, Patty, Jessica & Madeline for dinner delivered from Mother Kelly's ... YUM!

The seagulls were having a feast. There were a ton of huge clamshells everywhere. Most were about 6" across, but some were even bigger. It brought back childhood memories of collecting these big shells & painting them to make ashtrays. Funny, I don't think kids would make ashtrays now. It's hard to believe smoking was so acceptable then. YUK!

Swim near lifeguard!!!

I have no idea what kind of birds these are. They were squalking a lot & hanging out in the Piping Plover protected area.

Ocean rescue boat

No lifeguard on duty

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