Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

Rob sure knows how to design a beautiful waffle! More to come ... a lot more! We had a 13 1/2 hour get-together!

Chris shot the artiste creating his masterpiece.

The girls were busy stuffing themselves while Chris & I were hard at work.

Anna, Beth, Rob & Chris pose for one final breakfast photo. Little did we know ... our celebration had just begun.

After breakfast we walked around the lake to Anna & Tyler's house. Hank couldn't believe he never noticed the lake in his backyard.

This reminds me of the picture of Chris fishing his lens out of a bunker. Did he really think Hank & Shelby were gonna come out of the water?

Chris decided if he couldn't get them out of the water, he'd join them. He managed to beat both Shelby & Hank to the ball without spilling a drop of his Bloody Mary. FYI ... swimming freestyle with one arm is faster than the doggie paddle.

Shelby didn't give up ... even though she didn't catch a single duck.

One of the key steps in preparing my signature side dish of snow peas with scallions, sesame oil & black/white sesame seeds, is to soak the snow peas in ice water right after they're blanched to stop the cooking. For some reason the ice stuck to my fingers. It really hurt, but suppose it would have been worse if my tongue was stuck on a pole!

Here is a rare glimpse of me cooking.

For our dinner appetizer I made spicy tuna lettuce wraps with snow peas, sesame oil & brown rice. It got rave reviews, but we were all too full to have the rest of our dinner. Luckily, we came up with a plan "B". Since we hadn't grilled anything yet, we decided to reconvene tomorrow.

Hank volunteered to do the dishes.

While Shelby passed out.

Stay tuned for the continuation of our feast ... tomorrow. Being a social butterfly sure is exhausting!

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