Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Shopping Weekend

Friday night I went to Sam's Club to make sure they had the TV I planned to pick up with Rob on Saturday morning. I got there & the model I wanted was gone, but the floor model was available for $700 less than the previous week. There was no box, so it fit in my car. Rob came over to help get it in the house.

Saturday was a big shopping day ... TOUR Stop, Scan Design, Bo Concept, West Elm & Sound Advice. I couldn't believe it but Sound Advice had the exact tv I bought at Sam's for $200 less, plus $500 in free gas. It was a big enough difference that I had to call Rob to the rescue. A 52" tv isn't exactly easy to buy, return & buy again.

Today, Rob was good enough to take me to Sam's Club to return a TV then to Sound Advice to buy another. Before we went, I made waffles, lattes & smoothies. Rob was hoping to find some Bunnies in the Playboy Bus.

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