Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Day Trip

Mary came up to PVB so we could take a day trip to Jeckyll Island to visit Lorraine & the kids. I amused myself by photographing my cup of ice.

Frey & Jack get ready to brave the surf.

Peter was a good subject while he was trapped in his high chair. Mary always says my shoot isn't over until I make the subject cry. I guess she's right!

Lorraine gave us a great tour. At least I didn't make her & Mary cry ... but it was close!


The JP Morgan Tennis Court was completed in 1930. Due to safety concerns, the court is no longer available for play, but there are plans to rehabilitate it.

I could have spent the whole day shooting here. I shot this thru a broken window.

We stopped at the GA Pig for some BBQ on the way back to PVB. Yum!

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CaneWife said...

Aiden was making a similar "No more" face about 10 minutes ago. :)