Friday, September 18, 2009

The Beauty of Sport Opening

Since I got to the airport early, I walked to the end of the concourse to check out the freakishly large woman walking by the window.

I love the bathroom pictograms in Concourse C.

Tonight was the opening of Mary's show, The Beauty of Sport. It runs thru Oct 31, so please check it out if you're in S FL (see website for details).

The gallery at the Sunrise Civic Center is an awesome space.

There was a great turnout!

Elsa & Mary

Mary & Rosie

Dennis, from Specialty Art Services, made the trip with his wife. He did all of the framing for the show & it looked fab!

Jimmyboy liked what he saw.

Mary's colleague, the Duck, came to check out her awesome pix.

Jimmyboy, Mary, Rosie, me & the Duck.

I let Rhona play with the Duck for awhile.

She shot a great fisheye picture of the Duck ... love the shadows!

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