Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day To Best Dad Ever!!! I miss you so much! My dad had such a great sense of humor! Here he is wearing his Conehead mask, reading the Wall Street Journal.

Anna made photogenic pearllinis at our waffle party.

Rob made a sailboat waffle in honor of Father's Day.

This is Greg's Moroccan flag waffle in honor of Matt, Ilona, Maddie & Charlie.

Anna made a sunflower waffle.

Rob, Renee, Greg, Anna Jr, Anna Sr, Britani, Annabelle, Enid, Mousa & I welcomed Matt, Ilona, Charlie & Maddie back from Morocco at JAX. Do you think they were surprised to see us?!?

One big happy family! Rob, veteran staff photographer for, did a great job documenting the occasion.

I'm not sure if Maddie is crying because ... a) she sees Luke, b) Rob's holding her, c) because she's missing one shoe, or d) all of the above!

She's definitely crying because she sees Luke! Apparently the kids have never seen a dog before.

 Look at those eyes!

Now Charlie sees Luke!

The doting grandparents.

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