Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pink-Out Sunday

In support of breast cancer research & in celebration of Mother's Day, fans, players & staff were encouraged to wear pink.

Tiger hits off the 1st tee.

Fans watch the action on the 4th green. I believe I took this after an 8 foot ladder fell on my head (after a trip to first aid, I survived).

Tiger sinks his putt on #4

There wasn't much jubilation when Tiger won since he wasn't in the final group.

Mary shoots Tiger & the Commissioner as they head to the trophy ceremony.

Fans shoot the trophy presentation.

Autographed pin flags were tossed in the crowd.

Everybody was happy that Tiger won.

He did a quick interview before heading to the Media Center.

While passing thru our photo room on his way to Volunteer headquarters, Tiger stopped to pose for a photo with me.

Dustin opted for an iPhone self-portrait.

1 comment:

Dustin Snipes said...

The crowds shots turned out great!
I really like the shot on hole 4 with tiger, great amount of people. You would almost say it looked very much like the Golfs Greatest Arena. :)