Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rebel Homeowner?

One of the joys of living in a gated community is getting a dreaded violation notice in the mail. I got 4 of them & I'm on the homeowners board LOL! I guess that's what happens when they do a walk-thru during THE PLAYERS.  ;-)

Notice #1: Pressure clean house, driveway & roof.
Notice #2: Substandard lawn maintenance (I apparently had a few dollar weeds).
Notice #3: Replace mailbox.
Notice #4: Replace mailbox (yes I got 2 for the mailbox).

All of the work was done in the past couple of weeks. I think I have the cleanest house in the hood.  No more mud daubers, bugs, webs, dirt or violation letters for me. LOL! 

My new mailbox is up to the neighborhood standard.

Newly sealed front path, side patio, brick pavers & bulkhead should keep the mold away.

Totally up to code now.  :-)

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