Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekend with the Pups

First order of business ... hang the beautiful painting Rob & Lauren made of Stella. LOVE IT!

Second order of business ... get the Anhinga out of the backyard, even if it means waking up all of the neighbors.

Mary went to the Optometrist & Google just sat there in his flannel shirt until she came back. So cute!

We decided to leave the pups home & go out shopping. Stella slept on her bed & Google slept in the crate all afternoon.

After going to 3 different Targets, Mary finally scored the coveted Elmer Fudd hat for Google to wear with his new shirt. I call this shot "The Nude & Never Nude," ... a tribute to Tobias in Arrested Development.

What are you looking at?!?

Is this present for me???

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