Saturday, July 29, 2017

North Fork

Steph introduces one week old Pauline to Andrea, Helaine & my mom.

Baby Pauline is named after Aunt Pauline ... better known as "The General."

One big happy family ... Steph, Ikey, Pauline & Adam.

It seems like I haven't seen Adam since he was a puppy!

He sure does a good job babysitting!

Andrea was so happy to meet her new cousin.

We stopped by an East End farm on our way to the Lobsterfest.

There was a big crowd at the annual Lobsterfest in Southold. We got to hang out with lots of family ... Richie, Lisa, Marcy, Amy, Marissa, Hailey, Herbert, Georgina, Mom, Hank, Andrea, Helaine & Norm.

LOVE Georgie's jacket!

There was plenty of steak for those who don't like lobster.

Hailey, Amy & Allison

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