Saturday, April 20, 2019

Glass Fusion & Passover Night 2

This morning I went to a class at Fused In Glass in Boynton Beach with Helaine, Andrea & Mary. I made an MCM style plate in Catalina Beach Club cabana colors.

Mary made an MCM platter.

Everybody had fun!

We had to cut all of our own glass.

This was before mine was fired in the kiln.

A few weeks later, Helaine picked up our plates & platters & brought them to PVB on her way to NY. I think it looks really nice.

Later on, we went to Bobby & Patty's for the 2nd night of Passover. Bobby asked everyone of they wanted the short seder or long one. Of course the vote was unanimous!

I think we had 37 people for dinner.

Maya, Noah, Emily & Josh

Maya holds up one of her plague finger puppets.

As always, Billy LOVES telling Adam he won't find the afikoman

But of course, he always does ...

... & gets a money book!

Adam with Mom & Billy.

Hanging out after dinner in Bobby & Patty's backyard with Mary.

Mary shot an awesome silhouette of me shooting an iPhone pic with the sunset reflecting in their breakfast room window.

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