Thursday, January 05, 2023

RIP Pastina ... After 108 Years!

On December 30th, I got a link in a group text thread from my cousins about Ronzoni Pastina being discontinued. Needless to say, I'm devastated. It's been my comfort food since I was a baby. Chicken broth with Pastina always made me feel better. It cured every cold & sore throat. When I got home I checked the garage refrigerator & saw I have 3 full boxes. What used to be $1.79 a box at Publix, is now going for $25/box on Amazon & even more on eBay! Apparently Barilla makes Pastina but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. My cousin bought some in NJ.

There are some links below the pix about this news.

These are the 3 boxes I found in my garage refrigerator.

 It's been around for 108 years!!!

The shelves at Publix are empty!

Never Forget!!!

It's been in the news a lot ... click on the 6 links below for both funny & sad quotes ... BonAppetit ... Pastina was even mentioned on The Sopranos! Since I'm a Pastina expert, I have to say the lead photo shows boxes of Ronzoni Pastina, but the background is actually Barilla Stelline. The stars are much larger & nowhere near as good as Pastina. “Pastina has become the toilet paper of 2023.” Twitter is abuzz ... Discontinuing Pastina is a hate crime ... (The lead photo is Barilla Stelline, not Pastina.) "I'm calling the police," commented one person on Instagram! Pastina has been trending on TikTok where #pastina has over 78 million views. (The background photo is Barilla Stelline, not Pastina.) Even Al Roker grew up eating it! A petition on has over 3,000 signatures!

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