Thursday, March 09, 2023

Joint Birthday ... Stella & Me

The remnants of our Aloha Mocha at Goat Kick Coffee. Coconut, mocha, whipped cream & fudge drizzle with coconut.

We went to a Mediterranean restaurant in Evans, GA for my birthday lunch.

Free birthday dessert ... awesome raspberry sorbet.

We stopped at Heavy's BBQ aka Stella's Roadhouse. I wanted to take a pic of Stella with the sign, but there was a dog out back. The restaurant was closed but we walked around since there were plenty of photo ops.



After shooting lots of great stuff at Stella's, we went into town to poke around.

 Black & white TVs in color!

Now THIS is peeling paint!!!

My free birthday Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks.

Stella is mesmerized by the flame on our candles. She said it looks like a campfire, only smaller!

Scott & Sue always surprise me with some yummy fresh baked Super Meier Cookies. Of course they're customized for me with dark chocolate chips! I shot this with my iPhone in our cabin studio using a mug & coffee filter LOL.

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