Thursday, August 31, 2023

First Coca-Cola Mural, Hiking, Ice Cream & Pizza

We took a ride into Cartersville this morning. This is the first painted mural to advertise Coca-Cola. It was placed on this wall for the Coca Cola Company in 1894 at Young Brothers Pharmacy. The sign was restored in 1989. I think I would've liked it more if it wasn't restored.


We drove around Red Top Mountain State Park looking for a new place to hike.

Wake us up when we get there!

Google & Stella are ready for a hike!

 The pups can't understand why I'm taking pictures of leaves.



Entering the life jacket zone!


Scenic Altoona Lake

Stella was barking at the guy swimming/towing the boat.

 Coconuts Ice Cream

4 Way Lunch in Cartersville, is Georgia's oldest restaurant without a telephone.

We got takeout from Mellow Mushroom for dinner

The sun sets on Altoona Lake behind our beautiful cabin.

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