Saturday, June 10, 2006

Airplane Graveyard

Today I went to a clinic at the PGA TOUR Academy that was part of the American Express Women's Golf Week. After the clinic, Stacey, Kelsey, & I went to Caddyshack for lunch, then on to TOUR STOP for a little shopping. After that I went to shoot this airplane graveyard that I had seen about 8 months ago. It was very cool!

After shooting the airplanes, I went to the Ecco store at the outlets in St Augustine to buy this funky pair of golf shoes I had seen a few weeks before. They were having a great sale. The funky ones (see below left) were marked down from $130 to $60. With every golf shoe purchase, you could buy another pair for 50% off. I figured this wouldn't be valid on sale shoes, but it was. I decided on a pair of Gore-Tex all black leather with a black crocodile accent (not pictured, but same style as below right) that were orignally $180 & on sale for $50. I got these for $25 (since they were half off the sale price)! CRAZY! Well the sales lady knew she had a live one...and proceeded to talk me into taking another pair (below right) at 50% off. She said, "you should get another pair, in case anything ever happens to those." After that I was doomed! She hit me in both of my weak spots...I always buy multiple when I like something, and I can't pass up a bargain! So I got $490 worth of Ecco golf shoes, two of which were Gore-Tex, for $110! REALLY CRAZY!!! I guess it's time to buy clubs!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

Oeil Photography said...

love the pics! can I please ask where is the plane graveyard?

michael herb photo said...

I've been looking for a Airplane Graveyard for a while... Where exactly is this?

Unknown said...

I came across this Airplane Graveyard myself yesterday. I'm now on a mission to try and find out how those planes came to rest where they did.