Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday with Tally

I'm in Weston for the weekend again. This morning Tally decided to stand on me (in bed) until I agreed to take her out for a long walk. She used to sleep late, but now she's an early riser. Mary was up & outside on the patio, so I'm not sure why Tally wanted me to take her. Mary always used to take her for her morning walk. Today it was a long one. First she took me to the park on Palm Island, then on her way home, she decided she also wanted to go to Arvida Parkway. We usually do Palm Island in the morning & Arvida Parkway at night (her choice). When we got out to Arvida there were a lot of runners training for a marathon. I thought there was a race since there were water coolers chained to the lightposts. Mary said they've been doing it every weekend.

Since she got up so early, Tally decided to take a nap on the couch & use my Powerbook as a pillow. She usually uses a real pillow.

Later on we hung out in the backyard & enjoyed a beautiful breeze.

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