Sunday, October 29, 2006

Night of Legends

Tonight I went to photograph an intimate dinner for 400. It was the Night of Legends Tribute Dinner at the World Golf Hall of Fame. I was pretty jazzed when I saw the sunset projected backdrop on the stage.

Dinner was fab. Here's the menu ... The Starter: Elegantly seared Sesame Tuna, Lo-Mein Salad with a Honey Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette & drizzled with Cucumber Wasabi Cream. The Greens: Romaine with Italian Cheeses, Croutons, Pears & Apples topped with Parmesan Cheese Crisp. The Ultimate Pairing: Sea-Salt & Herb Rubbed Tenderloin Medallion and Horseradish Sea Bass with Chorizo Mashed Potatoes & Grilled Vegetables. The Finish: Key Lime Mousse with Coffee Service.

I did get to hear some really funny things when the servers were being coached before the dinner. "When the salad is put down on the tables, the croutons MUST be at 7 o'clock" and "Don't carry the plates stacked up your arm like you work at the Waffle House." I was cracking up! Here's a photo of my croutons at 7:00.

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Anonymous said...

I think those croutons look more like 8 or 9pm....