Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jana is ... Dancing with the Stars!

I was a little surprised (& initially disgusted) with myself for watching some of this season. For the record ... I have never watched this show before. In all fairness, I only watched Emmitt, Mario, Joey, and due to a sick curiosity, a little Jerry Springer. When I told Mary she should watch it, she said I was creeping her out & she didn't ever want to hear me utter the phrase "Dancing with the Stars" again. I told her to pretend it was football & just watch Emmitt.

It was Jana's sheer hate of Dancing with the Stars that caused Deborah & me to go all out & decorate her desk while she was at a meeting. Deborah made a replica of the trophy, while I made a glittery "I (heart) Dancing with the Stars" sign. We topped it off with pictures of Emmitt Smith & Mario Lopez from TV Guide. I strategically covered her keyboard with today's USA Today articles about last night's finale, so her keyboard wouldn't get covered in wayward glitter. She was irate that USA Today considered it "news". She wasn't amused by our creativity, but everyone else was. Jana said we better beware of retaliation!

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