Friday, November 17, 2006

TOUR Academy revisited

Shooting golf instruction can be very humorous. I guess we're all a little giddy after four days of shooting. A blind person might have thought they stumbled upon the set of an adult film.
Here are some of the quotes of the day ...

Sam said, "Neil can always come in & tweak me." (referring to fixing her hair every time it fell in front of her face).

Sam said to Neil, "Just stick it back in." (referring to sticking her hair back behind her ear).

Sam thinks the quotes I'm compiling are funny.
Neil tries to control her unruly hair, so she stops talking dirty.

Stan shoots in some interesting positions. He must've been a gymnast in a former life. No wonder he likes using a tripod!

When I straighten Todd's trousers, Stan amuses himself by pretending to pinch my butt with his shadow.

Kyle looks on while Neil & Travis examine the pictures & Stan finds out the fate of his Powerbook.

some more quotes:

Todd said, "If you see that thing poking out, let me know." (referring to his infamous thumb).

Stan said to Travis, "There are little people walking between your legs." (referring to golfers on the fairway in the distance).

Travis said, "Let's see if i can get my fingers in it. It's a little tight." (referring to putting on a golf glove that was too small).

Travis said, "That one felt a little sticky. That one felt good". (referring to his drives).

Travis said to Caryn, "Can we go in & take a peek?" (referring to dumping the cards & looking at the pictures).

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