Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yes Ma'am!

Since Tiger wasn't gonna be at the past champions portrait unveiling at the Clubhouse Grand Opening Gala tonight, he stopped by after his practice round to do the honors. At first he wasn't smiling, so when I asked him to smile, he said, "Yes Ma'am!"
I guess he knew I meant business. ;o) He's got a great smile!
Here he is with his oil painting by Dallas based illustrator Bart Forbes ...

and watercolor illustration by Connecticut based artist Chris Duke.

John can't help himself ... he has to sneek a peek!

Stan, Mary & John loiter ...

while I stalk Jack Nicklaus & the Commissioner.

Not to be upstaged, Chris & Stan decide to plan their strategy.

While I crawl on the floor before the past champions group shot.

John, Deborah & I headed back to the office to transmit. Mary & Chris left after the Sunset Room reception. Stan stayed to shoot the dinner.

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