Friday, November 23, 2007

3:30am on Black Friday at Starbucks

The things I won't do for a blog photo! I never would have done this in a million years, but my blog fans are waiting.

It all started out very innocently. I mentioned to John that Mary wanted me to go to Starbucks with her when they open at 3:30am on Black Friday. When he talked to her on Wednesday, he said how much I was looking forward to it. Well that set off a huge chain reaction. Mary talked to Jeff & they decided I would dress up like a giant latte & Jeff would shine a flashlight on me while I alerted sleepy shoppers driving by, that Starbucks is open. My hat was a giant lid. What the hell ... I figured it would be fun. After all, I was working out-of-town on Halloween & wasn't in the office when everyone dressed up. Mostly, I just needed something to blog about.

When I got tired, Jeff stepped in & had a great time. He said he should have done this months ago. He especially liked it when cars honked at him. At one point, Mary called his cell & said, "May I speak to the cup please?" When I left the store at 8am, he was still out there. I think he secretly wants to be a mascot!

The media coverage was unprecedented! It's a good thing "the cup" had a camera too.

Mary has some Alphalams from her Roadtrip & Summertime series hanging on the wall at Starbucks.

In the past, I would have shopped (not because I needed anything, but as a sport) on Black Friday, usually being done by noon. There's nothing I really need & I'm not into that whole "frenzy" anymore.

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