Saturday, November 03, 2007


Sandy & Larry are in town & staying with me for a few days on their way to Pompano. They drove JR & me to the JAX Sea & Sky Spectacular so we wouldn't have a problem parking. It was a beautiful day with a perfect blue sky.

Everybody loved the heart.

There's a woman standing on top of the wing. She actually climbed up there while the plane was flying. Crazy!

The Blue Angels were very impressive.

We were a bit concerned since the website said you couldn't bring a lens over 6 inches long. I told JR we'd reverse our lens hoods until we got on the beach & nobody would probably bother us. I was wrong. With our hoods reversed, John's was 8 inches & mine was 7 inches. Once we started shooting, we put them on properly (which adds about 3 inches). The cop on the left approached John & said, "excuse me sir ... you're bigger than 6 inches. Lenses over 6 inches are not allowed." I was waiting for him to get a tape measure out of his pocket. He was smiling & sort of cracking up. For a second I thought he knew John, but he said he was just busting on us.

This guy buzzed the fisherman on the pier.

Tonight was Chris' birthday party and Dial-9 reunion jam at Spare Time Tavern in Jax Beach.

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