Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sandra's Bat Mitzvah

Nowadays Bar & Bat Mitzvahs have a theme. Sandra's was "shopping." The place cards were credit cards with the name of the tables. I wish I was at Starbucks, but I was at Fendi.

All of Sandra's friends were anxiously awaiting her arrival in their socks.

Wendy, Andy, Ashley & Molly cheer Sandra's dramatic arrival. Where's Valerie?

Sandra was the center of attention.

Molly's hair was like a piece of art. I could have photographed it all night.

Molly & Ashley ... Gaby & Molly

Andrea, Jamie, Emily & Lindsay were trying to avoid the facilitators.

The proud grandparents.

David, Rachel & Jason model pimp hats on the dance floor.

My mom & Hank share a slow dance. Then Lisa & Herbert speed things up.

The kids tables had elaborate "shopping themed" centerpieces.

The food was fab & beautifully presented.


Andy & Wendy said...

Wow! Must have been a great Bat-Mitzvah!!!!!

So glad to finally see the photos!!!


Rana Brookins said...

can you tell me where did they get the props and centerpieces for Sandra's Bat Mitzvah? Thank you!

dominique said...

hi , my theme for my sweet 16 is shopping as well and i love sandras centerpieces , is there a website where i can order them ?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you got the credit card place cards??

Anonymous said...

Hi where did she get the centerpieces from please?

Anonymous said... did the decor.