Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Middle Sunday

All of the top Nike athletes seem to have personalized shoes. I think Tiger needs some personalized golf shoes!

Guess who? Hint: He's won 4 consecutive US Open trophies & his initials are RF.

Serena's shoes are personalized on the back, tongue & sole. The little hearts on the edge of the sole have the years she's won.
(click to enlarge)

Nadal's shoes have bullhorns on one & "Rafa" on the other.

I started the day shooting Roger.

Between the matches, Mary, Kathy, Susan, Frank & I took a stroll around the fenced-in grounds of the old World's Fair. If I could get inside the fence, I'd spend the whole day shooting my two favorite things, rust & peeling paint. That's way more interesting than shooting tennis.

Mary held up the Unisphere while I shot her with the Fuji digital infrared camera.

I was shooting the Roddick match when Mary shot me with the IR camera.

I always like to wait until the player gets in just the right spot near the logo. You can't get this photo in week two, since there's a linesjudge permanently stationed in the middle of the logo.

I went up on the roof of the press box to shoot the grounds.

While I was up there, I found some nice rust.

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