Friday, August 15, 2008

The "real" Boss (sorry John)

Tonight I went to see Springsteen with Scott & Sue. First we had dinner at Bistro AIX then headed over to the arena. I've seen a lot of great Bruce concerts over the last 30 years (mostly in NY/NJ & a few in FL). The best show I ever saw was Springsteen's longest show ever, a 5-hour epic at the Nassau Coliseum on New Year's Eve in 1980. Another memorable show was when I got to see him at Wembley Stadium during the Wimbledon fortnight in 1988.

This time, I wasn't expecting anything special ... after all, it was in Jacksonville, not even sold-out & Bruce is almost 60. Well, the concert was awesome! He played a great set list for 3 hours straight. There was so much fan interaction & he was as energetic as the first time I saw him, 3 decades ago.

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