Thursday, September 18, 2008

TV Pilot at Catalina

I knew this was gonna be good when I saw the Craft Service truck. Catalina was rebranded Hampt Inn Motel since the scene is set in the Hamptons (NY).

The parking lot was filled with RVs, production, wardrobe, catering & grip trucks.

Ashley strikes a pose while Molly looks on.

Sandy wasn't happy when Teddy showed up, so she put him to work!

When the phone didn't stop ringing, Sandy insisted Teddy come into the office to help man (I mean dog) the calls. Teddy wanted a paycheck.

In between snacks, Larry & Mom watch the filming.

Can't fool me ... I know that is locker #13!

Nice chair.

Wendy, Teddy & Larry

The sandbox set they built in Oceanview was abandoned at lunchtime.

I had panko crusted chicken, sliced steak, snow peas, roasted corn & a little pasta/rice.

Molly went down the slide on cue, while Ashley played in the sandbox.

Andy is hard at work. He claimed it wasn't as easy as it looks.

Sandra & Valerie had to shoot some scenes without making a peep (which apparently isn't easy) & some scenes making as much noise as possible.

Some walls had real life preservers, but this one was painted.

The weather was picture perfect ... a high of 75 degrees.

Wendy is happy that Ashley & Molly are finally bringing home a paycheck.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been there! When will the pilot air? Did you get to be an extra? This is very exciting.

Brendan J. O'Reilly said...

Hey, where is this hotel exactly?