Thursday, September 25, 2008

THE TOUR Championship ... Day 1

The Final Playoff.

I spent 5 hours today shooting hospitality with Laura (after shooting 3 hours yesterday with models). I shot around 1500 frames over the course of two days ... that's a lot of hospitality!

They were debuting these new aluminum bottles in Coke's hospitality.

I asked Laura if we were gonna get in trouble. She said, "why?" I said we just drove by a sign that said no golf carts. Oops!

The MetLife hospitality had a Snoopy theme.

Chris & I were on our way back to the hotel when we saw that the streets downtown were closed. I called the Sheraton to ask them how we were supposed to get back & they told me there was a race & it would be at least an hour before we could back to the hotel. UGH! I snapped this sunset out my car window.

Since we couldn't go to the hotel, Chris & I decided to head straight over to Waikikie, for Hawaiian BBQ with Fred, Streeter, JD & Charles. Fred said he expected to see my blog update in the morning. Exhausted, I said, "Fred, I am not your blogging whore!" ... but here it is, so I guess I am.

JD ordered Spam Musubi for his appetizer. Streeter said, "man, that smells like $h!t!" I'm not gonna tell you JD's response.

Nice Hawaiian bathroom signs.