Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Playoff Finale

My picture of the trophy & clubhouse from last year was everywhere. Banners, posters, video boards, Ritz Carlton room keys, as well as the cover of the program & 29 times inside. It was a bit much.

Me & the FedExCup

We brought both trophies over to the NBC booth for a quick segment. Anne cues Johnny & Dan.

The clubhouse was expanded since last year.

The Tiffany engraver has much better penmanship than the Waterford engraver! Funny ... he didn't wear white gloves & he wasn't afraid of making fingerprints everywhere!

Tiffany & Co Master Engraver

Vijay watches to make sure the engraver spells his name right.

Camilo won the tournament, but Vijay won $10 million!

The club always falls off this trophy. I tried to put it in the golfer's hands earlier today to no avail. Camilo watches the Commissioner try to fix it.

Camilo also unsuccessfully tried during the trophy shoot. Needless to say, our trophy pix look silly without the club.

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