Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nice Cone!

At the end of my block I noticed the great sky & snapped a photo out my car window. At that exact moment, my phone rang. It was 7:15am & Anna was calling ... a real coincidence considering this photo is taken down her block. I thought she was outside & saw me stop to take the photo.

On the way to my Dr appointment, I passed this nice ice cream cone. On the way home, I stopped to shoot it. There were two unfortunately placed poles right in front, so I had to get out my "real" cameras to get a decent shot.

They have 6 flavors. Actually, they have way more, but I'm sure it was too expensive to change the sign.

Across the street I noticed a Korean BBQ restaurant. I'm gonna have to go try out the jumulruk & kimchee the next time I'm on this side of town.

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