Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Crazy 16th Hole at FBR

The atmosphere on #16 is unlike any other hole on the PGA TOUR. There is a student section close to the tee & they are really funny.

When Charley Hoffman walked from tee to green, they were chanting "Supercuts! Supercuts! Supercuts!" When the Standard Bearer walked by, they yelled, "Sign Boy! Sign Boy! Sign Boy!" When the kid twirled his sign, everybody cheered.

They had something different to say no matter what was going on ...
If somebody hit a good shot, they'd yell, "Tip your hat! Tip your hat! Tip your hat!"

When spectators entered, they'd yell something about what they were wearing:
"Sweater! Sweater! Sweater!"
"Jean shirt! Jean shirt! Jean shirt!"
"No sleeves! No sleeves! No sleeves!"

The traffic into the stadium was one way. When anybody tried to exit towards the entrance, they'd yell, "Wrong way! Wrong way! Wrong way!" When security wouldn't let them exit, everybody cheered. It was deafening!

The Rules Officials tried to maintain the peace.

When Australian James Nitties teed up his ball, someone held up a sign that said "Show us your Nitties!"

Bubba encouraged the fans on #16 to be as noisy as possible when he hit his tee shot, then high-fived & tossed Ping hats to everyone on his way to the green. It was really great!

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