Sunday, February 15, 2009

Waffles between V-day & P-day

Rob can't believe Anna is stuffing her edible canvas in her mouth. Anna will do just about anything to be the lead photo on my blog.

She was more creative than usual ... this was her first waffle ever photographed ... despite being a frequent waffler!

Ilona & Matt were waffle virgins ... but you'd never know it looking at their designs.

Matt's first waffle was inspired by the "Children of the Appalachian Mountains" special on 20/20 ... creepy!

His creative juices were flowing! Matt made this Don King mini dessert waffle.

Ilona thought she used every single topping on her waffle, but it seems to be missing cantaloupe, honeydew, red grapes, trail mix & mini peanut butter cups. I don't think anything else could have fit.

Rob made an Obama logo waffle in honor of Presidents Day.

Afterwards, Anna & Hank took me on an 11,000+ step walk.


"Googs" said...

I guess besides the coffee maker, you'll be bringing the waffle maker to The Masters?

caryn said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Obama Waffle. Hilarious. Stumbled across this looking for a picture for my blog.

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