Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shark Hunting Part Deux

When we got to the beach at 6am, John rigged up three of his rods. I thought he was gonna swallow the sinker.

Our first catch ... a bonnethead shark at 6:35am.

The second shark didn't even get to enjoy his Mayport shrimp.

I tried to put our third shark out in the surf but it swam back to me the first three times. Mike walked out to put him in deeper water and he finally swam away.

Me & shark #4 or 5. I lost count.

John & Mike strategize.

There was nice light on this buried shell.

This gives new meaning to the phrase, "man's best friend"!!! Actually, it's not what it looks like! Catch is sniffing John's bag of Mayport shrimp.

Catch posed for a nice portrait.

John was in charge of removing the hooks. See, I can delegate! ;-)

All of the pups like to meet John.

I wonder if I would have been as brave if this was the mama shark? It was a good day overall. We caught 8 fish ... the first 5 were baby sharks.


Thomas Venney said...


Thomas Venney said...

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