Thursday, August 20, 2009

City Duck

Today I went to the city to have lunch with Karen. The Duck came along for the ride. He had his picture taken in Times Square ...

Rockefeller Center ...

Radio City Music Hall ... why didn't I think to ask him to kick like a Rockette?!?

& the Time-Life building ...

While I was at SI, I picked up a copy of their new coffee table book Sports Illustrated Slide Show.

Inside the book they used my photo of Jimmy Connors on the right, even though they chose a different frame of my sequence for the magazine cover back in 1991.

Karen took me to Fig & Olive for lunch ... it was delish. On the way back from lunch, she posed with her new little friend in front of St Patricks Cathedral.

After lunch Karen had a meeting so I headed to the Apple store with the Duck to kill some time before meeting her back at the office.

I could've shot pictures of feet & shadows on the glass floor all day.

The Duck tried to hail a cab, but I didn't have the heart to tell him he was facing the wrong way.

He even made a new friend ... the NYC Duck, who wouldn't pose for a photo until I took one of his flyers.

In the afternoon we went to hang with Brandon at his apartment.

Brandon's impressive camera collection ... notice the new Fuji Instax.

On the way to meet Janet for dinner, we stopped off at the farmer's market in Union Square.

Janet managed to get the Duck drunk during dinner at Basta Pasta.


"Googs" said...

I LOVE the red dots on your connors slide!

caryn said...

You should see the front inside cover of the book. They used my red dots in a montage. Looks cool!