Sunday, August 02, 2009

Eight is Enough!

Anna was first to finish her design. I thought she misspelled "peace," but she claims that's how you spell it in Italian. I convinced her to write it in English, or everyone would just think she couldn't spell.

Rob tried to make a carousel. It didn't work, but he successfully sliced a waffle in half ... a breakthrough for future design possibilities. Rob's innovations continue to push the envelope.

Jake made a cheeseburger & fries while Tyler made a taco.

Bruce made a baseball stadium.

Britani made a fishbowl, while Travis made a Kansas Jayhawk.

What a good looking family ...

... well sort of!

Bruce had been at a conference on Amelia Island so he came for a visit. I probably haven't seen him in 15 years. It was great to catch-up.

1 comment:

IlliniJim said...

I came for the "clarks fish camp" but I stayed for the wonderful pictures.

My 10 year old Grandson told me about "Clarks Fish Camp" where he ate kangaroo the other day and he Googled it and one of your pics came up in the search and once I got looking at your blog, I couldn't stop.

Only one complaint.... enough of the food pictures. It took me 9 hours and 27 minutes to get through your complete blog. It would have been quicker but I had to stop 4 times to make myself waffles. That's about 7 pounds that I didn't need!!

I really enjoy your work; your passion.

Thanks for sharing.