Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surf Fishing at Dawn

We got to the beach about 45 minutes before sunrise.

It was quite chilly & the surf was cold, but we waded in anyway.

Nice hook!

A woman walking her dog on the beach approached me & said, "I just have to ask what the duck is for" ... like it wasn't obvious!?!

When John saw the Duck was there to shoot sunrise, he got out his trusty F30. He wasn't about to be upstaged by a Duck!

Then he shot me shooting the Duck.

The sun started peeking out over the low clouds on the horizon just after 7am.

Awesome sunrise!

Portuguese Man-of-War (without tentacles) were washed up on the beach.

A lot of pelicans were out looking for fish this morning. There were 24 in this group.

We caught 7 fish this morning ... whiting & bluefish ... no sharks today.

I shot a quick snap of this flower on the way out of the Cabana Club.

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