Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anna's Birthday

We went to visit Rosie & Laddie's pups after returning my rental car.

They're sooo adorable, but still haven't opened their eyes. How cute is that little tongue?!?

Rob got to meet the pups for the first time.

They're very sleepy!

After the pup visit, Rob & I rushed over to TacoLu to celebrate Anna's birthday with Tyler, Matt, Ilona, Rick & Nancy.

The birthday girl with Matt & Tyler.

We couldn't believe Ilona was coming on to this other guy, even though Matt was at the table!

No caption necessary!

The birthday girl with Rick & Nancy.

The party continued late into the evening with birthday cake, Desperate Housewives & a nap.

1 comment:

Ilona said...

OMG! We look like we were all very over-served and finally coming down from a big margarita rush. Ugh!