Friday, October 29, 2010

The End of an Era :-(

The day I've been dreading for the past 2 years is finally here. UGH! John is retiring. We're all very sad, but so happy for him. I'm gonna be permanently despondent! He is the best boss on the planet & an amazing mentor! I've learned so much from him over the past 5 years. There will be a lot of contemplating WWJD (What Would John Do) over the next few months.

I made a retirement survival kit to make his transition a little easier. All of John's favorite snacks are included ... Corn Nuts, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownies, Black Twizzlers & Nature Valley Granola Thins. Maybe he'll come visit when he runs out of snacks!

Wow, he didn't waste any time ... John & Sherry are on the cover of Retirement for Dummies!

Is this card perfect, or what?!?

 Both happy ... both sad ... one happy, one sad ...

I wonder how long it'll take John to drive Sherry crazy, being home all of the time? Hopefully she'll send him back to the office!

Before John could retire ... he had to partake in one more office Halloween extravaganza! Jana greeted all of the kiddies as they arrived at our haunted office.

Some of the kids were so scared! One of them asked John if he was a real person.

Rob's costume never disappoints ... his Mad Hatter was amazing!

 His eyebrows were very creepy!

Jana & Mike

It appears John waited a tad too long to retire!

Chris & Carrie

After I shot our staff, Rob put together our annual office card.

John & Evanne shared a laugh in the parking lot while Rob adjusted his costume in the tinted window.

John made a video of his staff on their annual costumed walk to Publix.

They got lots of stares once they were inside the store.

While everybody waited in the express line, Rob displayed an Alice in Wonderland dvd with his twin brother Johnny Depp on the cover.

Just another day at the office ... but truly the end of an era!   :-(
I think I need to go fishing!!!

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