Monday, August 22, 2011

Royal Pains & Neiman Marcus at Catalina

There were 2 shoots today at Catalina. Sandy called early to let us know that Royal Pains started setting up at 4:30 am. There were lots of big production trucks & motorhomes in the parking lot when we arrived.

Evan & Hank run on the beach.

After they were done filming for the day, Mark Feuerstein (Dr Hank Lawson) came over & asked if we wanted to pose for pictures. He was so nice, as always. I think this is the 4th time I've watched them shoot at Catalina.

Andrea & Helaine both posed with Dr Hank.

Rob, whose flight luckily got canceled last night, also got to see the show's production.

I've always loved shooting Oceanview early in the morning, before the cabana boys open the doors. I'm gonna have to do something about the color of the 3rd cabana from the right on the 2nd floor, so they don't paint it the same weird color next year.

Neiman Marcus was shooting fashion for their upcoming catalog & advertising. They had a pretty cool setup. Their MacBookPro was on a tripod outside using a softbox as a hood & they had an iPad on a lightstand in the cafeteria. Everything was transmitted wirelessly so the pix could be reviewed in real time. They really should have had a ThinkTank Pixel Sunscreen™ v2.

There were a couple of cool rusty umbrella stands in Oceanview.

Don't even think of trespassing since there are new security cameras everywhere.

It was Rob's sixth visit to Ralph's in 5 days. I think he really liked it.

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