Thursday, August 04, 2011

Shark Week Fishin'

Rob & John discuss their game plan.

 It was a beautiful morning at the Lodge.

Rob starting catching fish right away.

The sunrise was amazing!

This little guy was so slippery, he jumped out of Rob's hand twice.

John struggled to land the big one! If you squint, you might be able to see it.
(I added an arrow to help you find it)

Rob was cautious after he reeled in a fighter. He only touched the stingray with a ten foot pole. I guess he didn't want John to get stung.

 Hey little fella ...

I'm gonna poke your eyes out (I know it's not the stingray's eyes, but it looks kinda funny).

Making sure he didn't get whipped by the tail, John carefully put the ray back in the ocean.

Next, Rob caught a bonnethead shark.

John definitely needed a picture of his baby blacktip shark with a BIG appetite.

Unfortunately the bait was way bigger than the blacktip's head.

I was so happy we caught some sharks ... especially since it's Shark Week on Discovery Channel.

It was a great morning with plenty of fish, a stingray, a couple of sharks & one of the most beautiful sunrises ever. Then it was back to reality ... time to go to work.

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