Sunday, October 23, 2011

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Group strategy breakfast at Planet Dailies.

I think I like shooting interesting glass as much as rust & peeling paint! This is a section of a glass wall in the casino.

Today we worked in a studio shooting all sorts of people whose lives have been touched by an autistic child. One family had 3 autistic kids (ages 2,4 & 6). Ernie was our last interview of the day.

At the evening party, Ernie & Liezl drew some lucky winners. It is incredible how much Ernie looks like Jimmy Connors in this photo.

Ketel One ice bar

Crispy rice with Spicy Tuna at Koi.

The Tahitian Vanilla & Chocolate Creme Brulée with fresh berries & shortbread cookies was A-MAZING!

Now how am I supposed to sleep with the Joker staring at me all night?!?

Stella managed her own social calendar while I was in Las Vegas. She & Hank went on a joyride to the forest.

Her evening plans included an enjoyable party for the Nationwide Tour Rules Officials. 

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